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My Ex-Girlfriend – by P4NCH0theD0G

Posted in ADEPT, Human Adept, MULTIPLAYER BUILDS with tags , , , , , , , , , on March 16, 2012 by Lucien Midnight

Build Title:

My Ex-Girlfriend – by P4NCH0theD0G

Power Evolutions:

Singularity: Duration (4), Recharge Speed (5)
Warp: Detonate (4), Lasting Damage (5), Recharge Speed (6)
Shockwave: Radius (4), Reach (5), Lifting (6)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity. (4)
Fitness: Melee Damage (4), Shield Recharge (5)

Locust with Heavy Barrel and Clip Extension; Recharge Speed: +194%

Role: Support, Crowd Control, Biotic Boom, Let ‘em Fly.

  • On unshielded enemies (especially crowds): short to medium distance: Singularity + Shockwave: Biotic Boom; + any non-dead enemies will hang helpless in the air for a second or two.
  • On unshielded enemies (especially crowds): long distance: Singularity + Warp: Biotic Boom.
  • On shielded/armored enemies: Warp + Shockwave: Biotic Boom; with weapon fire in between.
  • Going Solo on shielded/armored enemies (Nemesis, Centurion, Marauder):Warp+Heavy Melee+Shockwave: Biotic Boom
  • On Big Enemies (Atlas, Brute, Banshee, Prime, Ravager): Warp+Weapon Fire+Shockwave: Biotic Boom and Stagger from Shockwave
  • To Show Off: Unshielded Enemy: Shockwave+Heavy Melee: Shockwave leaves them hanging in the air, Melee knocks them out of the ballpark (or just kills them with a Melee Upgrade) – but you need to look/aim at them before melee-ing.

The Radius and Reach upgrades for Shockwave make it easier to hit even distant warped or floating targets, the Lasting Damage on Warp gives you more DPS and more time to trigger Biotic Boom. The Locust is basically an assault rifle, just smaller with less weight and does a decent job against everything, preferably at a distance.


  • Singularity+Shockwave for Crowd Control
  • Shockwave to Stagger the Big Enemies
  • Shockwave to give a second for revives or stop stompers
  • Shockwave to open up guardians
  • Singularity BEHIND a guardian for easy kills
  • Biotic Booms to take down shields, Big Enemies and for the AoE effect
  • Warp against Barriers and Armor
  • Setup or detonate Combos for Teammates

Generally engage from medium to long distance, make smart use of Biotic Booms (that’s why the Recharge Speed Upgrades) and support your team. Close Quarters is possible, but not advisable against more than two enemies.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1. You have a power for almost any situation and can spam in a pinch!

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Turian Support Gunner – by DarkKnightCuron

Posted in MULTIPLAYER BUILDS, SOLDIER, Turian Soldier with tags , , , , , , , on March 14, 2012 by Lucien Midnight

Build Title:

Turian Support Gunner – by DarkKnightCuron
Power Evolutions:
Marksman: Firing Rate (4), Duration (5), Accuracy & Firing Rate (6)

Concussive Shot: N/A

Proximity Mine: Damage (4), Damage Taken (5), Damage (6)

Turian Veteran: Damage & Stability (4), Power Damage (5), Damage & Stability (6)

Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Fitness Expert (6)


Revenant + Assault Rifle Stability Dampener + Assault Rifle Extended Barrel
Alternate 1 Revenant + Assault Rifle Stability Dampener + Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade
Alternate 2 Phaeston + Assault Rifle Extended Barrel + Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade
Alternate 3 Raptor + Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel + Sniper Rifle Spare Thermal Clip


Weapon M-9 Tempest + SMG Heat Sink + SMG Ultralight Materials


The Support Gunnery relies on practically every advantage one can obtain for stability, accuracy, and firing rate. Focusing primarily on the Revenant Machine Gun, this build emphasizes on volume of firepower in order to suppress enemies and draw attention while allowing the rest of the squad to move and reposition unchallenged.

The Support Gunner is probably at its forte in defensive positions and situations. For instance, during missions where hacking only a single terminal for a set amount of time allows the Support Gunner to choose an optimal defensive position and start unloading flak at incoming enemies. This class is also very good in situations where the enemy can only advance in one or two directions, and/or if there is a significant choke point.

The point of this class isn’t to get all the enemy kills, but rather, it’s to support your teammates by doing some bits of damage to a large group of enemies, effectively drawing their attention immediately. While the Revenant cannot kill enemies very quickly (unless at close range), its engagement abilities are superb against large groups of enemies, and the Revenant tends to shine against large targets (Atlas, Primes, Banshees, Brutes). It can lay down a sustained volley of fire against a group (especially when taking the Magazine upgrade as opposed to the Extended Barrel), whittling down health, barriers, shields, and armor.

However, that’s not to say this configuration is ineffective up close. At close quarters, the Revenant truly proves that quantity beats quality (with a few exceptions, such as the Spike Thrower or the Widow) as it chews through enemies like a lawn-mower. Slap on an ‘Assault Rifle Rail Amp’ temporary upgrade and some sort of alternate ammunition, and the Revenant becomes downright scary.

Armor-Piercing Rounds: Becomes VERY effective against the bigger targets, as well as Pyros and Guardians. Also enhances its ability to mow down waves of enemies.

Cryo Rounds: With its dispersal effect, the Revenant armed with Cryo rounds has the potential to freeze a lot of enemies, leaving them open for follow up shots.

Disruptor Rounds: What shields?

Incendiary Rounds: As with Armor-Piercing rounds, except more effective against regular targets.

The variant weapons allow for changes in playstyle. The Raptor and Phaeston allow the Support Gunnery to be more of a Medium-Range marksman, not quite to the surgical effectiveness of, say, an accuracy focused Turian or an Infiltrator, but it performs very well.

Why max out fitness?: As the Support Gunner, you’re going to be drawing a lot of attention. A LOT of it. As such, you’ll be required to keep your head above cover to lay down long bursts of suppressing fire against the enemy, so you’ll have to be able to take some punishment. In addition, the health and shields allow you to perform a secondary task: Team medic. Due to your shields and health, you have a better chance of rushing towards danger to revive a teammate, where an Infiltrator or Adept might get butchered alive.

Why Proximity Mine?: As a Support Gunnery, unless you have someone constantly watching your back, you’ll typically be VERY focused on a particular 90-degree window. As such, you’ll be vulnerable to flanking attacks and rear attacks. The Proximity Mine allows you to, at the very least, leave a small surprise and warning system for enemies that try to flank you.

Why not Concussive Shot?: Concussive shot is nice and useful, however, Proximity Mine performs largely the exact same function, just at a higher recharge rate. Proximity mine does more damage, and it is also a LOT more effective against Guardians and groups of enemies (since you can just fire it at an enemy’s feet, causing it to explode, doing damage directly to the Guardian and his buddies) instead of the Concussive shot (which will largely just stun the Guardian). Proximity Mine is also a lot more effective in damaging enemies around corners and behind cover.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)


-edits by Lucien Midnight

Glassari – by Dee V3

Posted in ADEPT, Asari Adept, MULTIPLAYER BUILDS with tags , , , , , , , , , , on March 14, 2012 by Lucien Midnight

Build Title:
Glassari – by Dee V3

Power Evolutions:
Stasis: Strength (4), Bonus Power (5), Bubble (6)
Warp: Detonate (4), Lasting Damage (5), Pierce (6)
Throw: Force (4), Detonate (5), Force & Damage (6)
Asari Justicar: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Pistols (6)
Fitness: N/A


Carnifex/Phalanx/M-3 Predator(Scope & High Caliber Barrel or Piercing Mod)


Biotic Combos is your best friend here. Stasis is used as backup with this build and with the 30% chance of not triggering cooldown it can be really helpful to trigger instant Biotic Explosion. You wanna use cover as often as possible. With 500/500 in life a shot from anything will be really damaging.

N00b Rating:

3. It’s not the easiest of builds for most people because of the lack of health. If you’re not good when it comes to running and dodging you will go down a lot with this build. But its very fun once you get the handle on it. Wrecks reapers, murders cerberus and destroys Geth.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Salarian Engie – by gadna13

Posted in ENGINEER, MULTIPLAYER BUILDS, Salarian Engineer with tags , , , , , , , , on March 14, 2012 by Lucien Midnight

Build Title:
Salarian Engie – by gadna13

Power Evolutions:
Energy Drain: Damage (4), Drain (5), Armor Boost (6)
Decoy: (1), (2), (3)
Incinerate: Damage (4), Burning Damage (5), Armor Damage (6)
Salarian Operative: Damage & Capacity (4), Headshots (5), Sniper Rifles (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5)
I’d recommend a faster firing sniper rifle here although any will do. A powerful hand-cannon also gets the job done (Carnifex or Paladin) though change Sniper Rifles in Salarian Op for Weapon Damage if you’re not doing the sniper rifles. Only take one weapon though as you’re gonna be power spamming and using the weapon for cleanup.

This class is great support as you have the ability to take out any form of defense. You’re main priority should be taking out shielded targets with Energy Drain as that increases your shields and gives you some damage reduction.  Incinerate is maxed for damage as most of the heavies (and those pesky pyros) are armor based.  A hefty amount of Decoy usage to move yourself around the map along with providing a distraction is a must on high levels. Dropping a decoy while you and your team retreat can save your behinds quite a bit. This class is deadly in the right hands and should net anyone with quite a few assists per match.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for anyone!)
4. You’re a good team player using this, however, you won’t score high on the boards. Also, some good aim is needed to take down targets quickly.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Of Fire And Lightning – by nicodeemus327

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Build Title:
Of Fire and Lightning – by nicodeemus327

Power Evolutions:
Combat Drone: (1), (2), (3)
Overload: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Shield Damage (6)
Incinerate: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Armor Damage (6)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)

Go with any weapon that gives you a 200% cooldown bonus. This build isn’t very weapon dependent as you’ll be spamming overload and incinerate a lot. I went with an M-8 Avenger X.

Your top priority should be stripping enemies of their shields/barriers. Second should be planting your combat drone as a distraction. Last should be burning everything in sight. You’ll use incinerate to burn through armor and stun weaker enemies when appropriate.

Also, incinerate curves around corners. A brute / banshee won’t be able to attack you if you lead them the right direction while burning them down.

Gold Note:
You may choose to swap some points from Fitness to Alliance Training or Combat Drone to fit your style. I really like having a high fitness for silver and gold runs.

Noob level: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1. It’s a pretty easy build to play. Rip off shields. Burn down armor. Plant a combat drone once in a while. The extra fitness makes it more forgiving and basic weapons work just fine. For those who care your score will be pretty high as well. Ripping off shields contributes a lot and your squad members will love you for it.

-edits by Lucien Midnight


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