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Invisi-Sniper – by Cookiegobbler

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Build Title: 
Invisi-Sniper – by Cookiegobbler
Power Evolutions:
Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Sniper Damage (6)
Cryo Blast: (1), (2), (3)
Sticky Grenade: Radius (4), Armor Piercing (5)
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)

Any one-hit-kill weapon. Preferably of the highest level to minimize cooldowns combined with the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel for extra damage.

M-92 Mantis
Your starter weapon. Any level will do since it already has a low weight value. I would recommend putting the Piercing Module on it till you get one of the better weapons so you can deal with enemies in cover and Cerberus Guardians.
M-98 Widow X
I recommend not using it till it is upgraded to level “X”. The reason for that will be explained in the strategy section below. Since this gun can pierce through cover and Cerberus Guardians, I would suggest using an Enhanced Scope for when you need to deal with fog while fighting Cerberus.
Black Widow X (Extremely rare!)
The Black Widow only improves upon the M-98 Widow. Although it has a lower damage rate (which is compensated by the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel), it does have 3 bullets per clip. It is likely you can get all 3 shots off before the cloak “buff” wear off.
Javelin X (Extremely rare!)
I use this gun personally cause it’s just superior to all the other in terms of usefulness. It’s not the most damaging, but it does have the most perks. Not only can the Javelin pierce through cover, it also has a build in Enhanced Scope. Meaning that with this gun you can (theoretically) have ALL the modules on one Sniper Rifle.
The strategy is based around being a durable and devastating sniper and is build utilizing Cloak to maximize your damage done. You will want to do the most amount of damage possible in a single shot while being cloaked ~50% of the match, that’s why it’s wise to use the weapon that’s the most upgraded. 
Being a sniper also means you’ll want to keep your distance, but don’t worry you have a nifty CC ability in hand just in case. Use your Cryo Blast when an enemy tries to get close. Rank 3 should suffice.
When the enemy is grouped up, use your Sticky Grenade. The Sticky Grenade is the most accurate of all the nades since you can throw it against a wall near you enemy and it’ll stick (obviously), so even if you miss you can still hit (instead of bouncing of the wall and landing 700 miles away from him -_-).
N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 being the easiest.)
Newcomers: 3
The sniper’s learning curve takes time to get used to, especially if you’re a newcomer to shooters. Best thing to do is to disable Enhanced Pointer Precision in the Windows Mouse Configurations menu, disable in-game Mouse Dampening and disable in-game Mouse Smoothing(*). Play around with the in-game Mouse Sensitivity until you’re satisfied. Your sensitivity should be low enough to be able to “track” your opponent while also be high enough for you to be able to turn 180° quickly. Mine for example is set to 15.
Experienced Player: 2
Knowing when to use and how to combine your abilities is crucial!
For example; If your cloaked and you throw a Sticky Grenade, it’ll do more damage.
Javelin Users: 3-4
3. If you’re an experienced player. The reason for this being is that the Javelin “builds up” it’s shot. Meaning when you press the mouse button you need to keep it pressed for ~0.5 seconds before the gun actually fires, this can cause enemies to jump away/turn around cover/suddenly change direction resulting in you missing the shot.
4. If you’re a newcomer. Since this gun “Builds up” it’s shots it has a steeper learning curve then the other Sniper Rifles. It’s crucial that you know how to “track” your enemy till the gun actually fires.
Infiltrator, Female Human C10 A16 A16 3:A16 C1 
(this makes for an awesome looking Digital Camouflage look)
(*) IMPORTANT! (for the tentative reader)
Enhanced Pointer Precision is a build-in windows feature that makes the mouse pointer react to the speed of the mouse. Meaning a slight, quick jab with your hand will result in the mouse pointer being from one end of the screen to the other. Now in Windows or an RTS game that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. In a shooter however it can screw with your sensitivity. In a shooter, you want consistent aiming!
Mouse Dampening is a feature in Mass Effect 3 that’s basically the opposite of Enhanced Pointer Precision. What it does is lower your sensitivity the slower you move your mouse, the slower your camera movement will be. Meaning if you’re trying to track your enemy he can actually move faster than you move your reticule. This feature can seriously screw with your aiming. In a shooter, you want consistent aiming!
Mouse Smoothing is a feature that is present in most games that makes the mouse sensitivity react to your computer’s performance. What it does is it actively adjusts your in-game mouse sensitivity on the fly based on your current FPS (Frames Per Second) rating. Meaning the lower your Framerate, the higher the sensitivity and because framerates change constantly that also means your sensitivity will change constantly. This is a very, very bad feature to have on if you’re looking to improve your aiming skills. However the only way to disable this in Mass Effect 3 is to use the Coalesced.Bin editing tool and change its value from “True” to “False”.

Salarian Winfiltrator – by Barfwak

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Build Title:

Salarian Winfiltrator – by Barfwak

Power Evolutions:
Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Sniper Damage (6)
Proximity Mine: N/A
Energy Drain: Damage (4), Shield Restoration (5), Damage Reduction (6)
Salarian Operative: Damage (4), Headshot Damage (5), Damage (6)
Fitness: Health & Shield (4), Shield Charge Delay (5), Health & Shield (6)

Any single-shot sniper rifle will work.  I prefer the Widow, as the build deals damage almost exclusively via the rifle.  The black widow should also work, although I do not have one in the multiplayer.  I would recommend using either a cyclonic modulator or adrenaline booster on gold difficulty; the cyclonic modulator synergizes with energy drain extremely well and makes this build almost unkillable.

Strategy: (for geth)
The central idea of the build is to maximize tactical cloak sniper damage while also maximizing survivibility.  In practice, this is very simple:  use the third-person camera to acquire a target, activate tactical cloak, scope the target, activate energy drain, and fire.  There is enough time to ED (energy drain) one target and attempt a rifle shot on another, but this can easily cause you to miss the shot if the targets are not adequetly grouped or are too close to your firing position to be able to pull your mouse between them fast enough.  You should try to execute your shot volleys as fast as possible, as firing outside of cloak is not going to deal sufficient damage to do what you want to do in almost all cases; however, if you have to deal with a spastic enemy or random screen shake don’t feel like you’re a bad player for hesitating to make sure you land that shot.  It’s always slower if you miss and have to reload.  Tactical cloak still provides all of its utility and mobility benefits, and does not need to be explained.

The effect this tractic has, overall, is that you can continue firing on the enemy when other classes ordinarily could not.  You can afford to soak hits and even bleed your entire shield while taking a shot or repositioning as long as you are ready to land an ED in your next shot cycle.  Not only are you harder to kill, but your overall damage output increases dramatically.

Try to avoid using energy drain while uncloaked.  The cooldown will be very long, especially if you are using any of the heavier sniper rifles.  There will be times when all you have time to do is cloak, drain and run (or, cloak, run and drain), but learning when it’s time to retreat is something that will make you a much, much better player.

It should also be obvious that this build is intended for use against the geth.  I have not tried using it against cerberus or reaper forces, but I expect it to not work very well.  Keeping the ED shield up as close to 100% of the time as possible is very crucial.

Note: after the [03.13.2012 multiplayer balance update] buff to the geth hunters I was unable to kill them with a single TC=>ED=>Widow headshot, as their shield was just barely high enough to absorb the ED.  It’s highly recommended that you play with someone using chain overload, both for the shield softening as well as the potential tech burst spam – remember, energy drain has a small AoE (area of effect, a.k.a. splash damage) by default.  The QI (Quarian Infiltrator) also synergizes well, as does the human soldier, krogan sentinel, and salarian engineer.  classes with lots of screen shaking biotic power spam are hard to play with unless you can afford to position yourself away from them; these classes aren’t the best against the geth anyway, so it should be a moot point.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

4.5. I’d say something along the lines of 4-5.  Every missed shot is an enormous damage loss, and faster twitch reflexes will mean more accurate shots (and therefore more total damage and fewer active threats) over time.  You can play safely at a lower skill level, but the overall effectiveness is going to be reduced if you do not use ED to keep yourself in the fight and continue firing when other classes would be forced to take cover.  Practice makes perfect, though, so if you feel like you aren’t contributing just keep playing.  Any class that puts a high emphasis on making snap judgements and quick headshots has a wide range of effectiveness based on individual player skill, but it’s a range anyone willing to to spend some time playing can improve along.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Salarian Ninja – by clerkenwell

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Build Title:

Salarian Ninja – by clerkenwell

Power Evolutions:

Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Bonus Power (6)
Proximity Mine: Damage (4), Damage Taken (5), Damage (6)
Energy Drain: Damage (4), Drain (5), Damage (6)
Salarian Operative: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: N/A


This is primarily a shotgun build. Personally, I prefer the Scimitar as it lets you sustain fire for more or less the entire time that you’re out of stealth. A secondary weapon is a good option, and helpful especially for taking down large, armored targets more efficiently or for situations when you want to kill something at range. Something like the Carnifex or the Paladin works very well, especially if it’s leveled up a bit and not quite so heavy. If you’d rather have the shortest possible Cloak cooldown, rolling with just the Scimitar is certainly viable.


This is not your typical sniper Salarian Infiltrator. This is an up-close-and-personal build. The basic idea is this: Use your cloak to close in on the enemy, dispatch one or more with Proximity Mine, and then open up with your shotgun. Once your cloak is off cooldown, activate it and repeat. Most Salarian Infiltrators tend to ignore Proximity Mine, and it’s completely understandable; it’s very difficult to use effectively at range. This build is about getting close to your enemy, however, and that makes it much easier to use effectively. It’s also a very effective build for taking down larger enemies like an Atlas, Brute, or Banshee. The massive damage of Proximity Mine really shines against these enemies.

Note: If you want a little extra durability, drop Rank 6 of Salarian Operative and pick up the first 3 ranks of Fitness.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

3.5. Proximity Mine does carry a bit of a learning curve. And, like the Vanguard, a small miscalculation can cause things to go bad quickly. Cloak may make you invisible but it doesn’t make the enemies stop firing.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Basic Quarian Infiltrator

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mass effect 3 multiplayer quarian infiltrator build

Reaver 102's Basic Quarian Infiltrator

Build Title:

Basic Quarian Infiltrator

Tactical Cloak: Damage(4), Recharge Speed (5), Sniper Damage (6)
Sticky Grenade: (1), (2), (3)
Sabotage: Duration (4), Recharge Speed (5), Berserk (6)
Quarian Defender: Damage & Capacity (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5)


Sniper Rifle of your choice and optionally an smg with light weight materials modification if you feel you need a sidearm.


The Quarian Infiltrator is probably the hardest of the infiltrators to play as you lack any ability to assist in lining up head shots or stripping defenses.  You rely on cloak to provide the extra damage to power through defenses on silver and bronze for clean kills, be prepared to have to fire multiple shots on gold to strip defenses. Sticky grenades are just extra damage but they still pack a punch so don’t forget about them, use them to kill dangerous targets such as brutes, phantoms, atlas, and ravagers.

Where the Quarian Infiltrator differentiates its self from the other infiltrators is that it has an ability called sabotage.  Sabotage either causes weapons to backfire, stunning enemies who fire upon a target and dealing a small amount of damage, or hacking, which temporarily converts synthetic enemies to fight for you.  Usage of this power will vary depending on the enemy you face.  For reapers only the cannibals are affected by the backfire making this faction the hardest of the three to face, to beat the reapers you will be relying on cloak and your sniper rifle to see you through.  Against Cerberus everything is affected but avoid wasting it on shielded humanoids as they ignore the backfire if the defenses are up, highly recommend allowing engineers to set up their turrets and then hacking them.  Hacking an atlas is also useful but it lasts for half the duration and will become immune after 3 hacking attempts, use it sparingly to either buy you time or when the moment is right and there are enemies in front of the atlas that is approaching you.  Against Geth everything becomes hacked by this skill, trivializing the faction, hack everything and often but beware of diminishing returns, usually though the enemies should be cleared before this ever becomes a problem just remember what you have hacked do not ignore them for long.

I consider it an all comers build capable of handling Geth on any difficultly.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

4. While its a bit harder to use on Cerberus and Reapers compared to the other infiltrators, the quarian infiltrator trivializes the Geth.  This class requires the ability to headshot consistantly.

- Thanks to Reaver102 for write up!

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Cloaky Claymore – by OblivionDawn

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Build Title:

Cloaky Claymore – by OblivionDawn

Power Evolutions:

Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Bonus Power (6)
Cryo Blast: Radius (4), Cryo Explosion: (5), Recharge Speed (6)
Sticky Grenades: N/A (I have no points in Sticky Grenades, I find them fairly useless for this build.)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Optional (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Fitness Expert (6)

M-300 Claymore


Basically, you use your cloak, run right up to an enemy (preferably one of the tougher ones like the Centurion or Maruader, etc.), put your Claymore in his mouth, and pull the trigger. Then you do some evasive maneuvers until your cloak recharges. Rinse and repeat.

The beauty of this class is that the Claymore has a tendency to one-shot anything human-sized. Although it does take some practice to line up that perfect shot before your cloak runs out.

You can use Energy Drain or Cryo Blast (depending on the race) to stagger your enemy and give you time to line up a good shot. I’ve frequently gotten first place with this build. It takes some getting used to, and you have to be pretty ballsy to get to some of the more protected targets. This build really flourishes in the “High Value Targets” objectives. You just sneak behind enemy lines and blow them away in short order.

N00b Rating:

4.5. You likely won’t be much of a N00b by the time you get your Claymore. But I’d give it a 4 or 5. Like I said, it takes some getting used to and some pretty good situational awareness.

-edits by Lucien Midnight


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