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Turian Blademaster – by PD ORTA

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Turian Blademaster  - by PD ORTA

Power Evolutions:
Tech Armor:(4)Durability, (5)Melee Damage, (6)Durability
Overload:(4)Chain, (5)Recharge, (6)Shield Damage
Turian Veteran:(4)Damage+Capacity, (5)Headshots, (6)Fitness Expert
Fitness:(4)Melee Damage, (5)Martial Artist, (6)Fitness Expert

Since you’ll be upclose and personal alot of the time a shotgun is probably your best choice of weapon. While this is a Melee class, use of overload is important for dropping shields/barriers for quick Melee kills, so staying reasonably light is a good thing. The Disciple or Katana are good choices for this class, you can also add a blade to strengthen your melee even more.
As a back-up and so you can fight at all distances, go with a scoped heavy pistol (with the headshot bonus enemies go down quick).

Basically you’re the tank for the team. But don’t go “Full Krogan” and charge into a group of enemies solo Melee’ing away, while you may get out in one piece… you probably won’t. With a team backing you, you’re the spearhead destroying everything with your Overload, Shotgun and Twin blades (make sure to get a melee kill in early so the bonus kicks in).

Play the way your team does if you’re on an offensive team, lead from the front and take advantage of your close range abilties. If you’re on a defensive team hang back and use your pistol and wait for the enemy to come to you. Once they’re in range break out the shotgun and melee away. If you get swarmed by enemies and need to make a run for it explode your tech armor, it may buy you the time you need to escape.

Noob Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2.5. This class is as easy or as hard as you make. It’s all about about knowing when to fight and when to take flight.

Krogan Panzer – by clerkenwell

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Build Title:

Krogan Panzer – by clerkenwell

Power Evolutions:

Tech Armor: Durability (4), Melee Damage (5), Durability (6)
Lift Grenade: Radius (4), Max Grenades (5), Damage and Radius (6)
Incinerate: N/A
Krogan Berserker: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Rage: Durability (4), Martial Artist (5), Fitness Expert (6)


Primary: A big, heavy shotgun. I like to stick to my Krogan roots and carry the Claymore. Put a Blade Attachment on it.

Secondary: A big, heavy sniper. I like the Widow.


Obviously your recharge speed is going to suffer horribly with this weapon loadout, but that’s why you ignore cooldown powers completely (just Incinerate for this class). The spec emphasizes durability, and with 1600 shields, 1200 health, and 40% damage reduction (70% while raging) this is the most durable build in the game. It also emphasizes increased weapon damage giving your heavy hitting weapons a significant boost. With a sniper and a shotgun you’re deadly at any range, but the build is most fun when you’re smacking things around. Take the time to carefully build yourself into a rage, picking off lone, weaker enemies. Husks are especially great for this. Once you’re in Rage mode, you can take a ridiculous amount of punishment. I haven’t tried it on Gold yet, but on Silver, you can easily charge a pack of Geth that includes 3 Pyros and multiple Troopers and come out with your shield intact. You can charge a turret, eat missiles, one-shot Centurions, Marauders, etc. with a heavy melee. The toughest part is recognizing when you’re finally outmatched and should beat a quick retreat and start thinning the ranks with your Widow. Always keep in mind that you can wreak havok at any range, don’t be too eager to rush into melee.

N00b Rating (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2. This is, quite simply, the most durable build in the game. The only difficulty comes in mastering your chosen weapons and learning to recognize when you need to retreat. It’s very easy to get carried away!

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Salarian Ninja – by clerkenwell

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Build Title:

Salarian Ninja – by clerkenwell

Power Evolutions:

Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Bonus Power (6)
Proximity Mine: Damage (4), Damage Taken (5), Damage (6)
Energy Drain: Damage (4), Drain (5), Damage (6)
Salarian Operative: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: N/A


This is primarily a shotgun build. Personally, I prefer the Scimitar as it lets you sustain fire for more or less the entire time that you’re out of stealth. A secondary weapon is a good option, and helpful especially for taking down large, armored targets more efficiently or for situations when you want to kill something at range. Something like the Carnifex or the Paladin works very well, especially if it’s leveled up a bit and not quite so heavy. If you’d rather have the shortest possible Cloak cooldown, rolling with just the Scimitar is certainly viable.


This is not your typical sniper Salarian Infiltrator. This is an up-close-and-personal build. The basic idea is this: Use your cloak to close in on the enemy, dispatch one or more with Proximity Mine, and then open up with your shotgun. Once your cloak is off cooldown, activate it and repeat. Most Salarian Infiltrators tend to ignore Proximity Mine, and it’s completely understandable; it’s very difficult to use effectively at range. This build is about getting close to your enemy, however, and that makes it much easier to use effectively. It’s also a very effective build for taking down larger enemies like an Atlas, Brute, or Banshee. The massive damage of Proximity Mine really shines against these enemies.

Note: If you want a little extra durability, drop Rank 6 of Salarian Operative and pick up the first 3 ranks of Fitness.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

3.5. Proximity Mine does carry a bit of a learning curve. And, like the Vanguard, a small miscalculation can cause things to go bad quickly. Cloak may make you invisible but it doesn’t make the enemies stop firing.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Warlord – by Baerdface

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Build Title:

Warlord – by Baerdface

Power Evolutions:

Fortification: Durability (4), Synergy (5), Durability (6)
Carnage: Radius (4), Incapacitate (5), Damage (6)
Inferno Grenade: N/A (had it maxed out on first roll, but didn’t find all that useful)
Krogan Berserker: Weapon Damage (4), Power Damage (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Rage: Melee Damage (4), Martial Artist (5), Fitness Expert (6)


Prefered shotgun is Geth Plasma shotty (any rare shotty you prefer, actually), since it has decent range. Got Carnifex with melee attachment as backup aswell. Or might use the lightest assault rifle I have as backup.  Katana is fine instead of plasma shotty, but then an assault rifle is must-have (again, if you have something rare that might work well with it, use it).


Build might seem silly, but I’ve never died with it on Silver, and doing fine when played carefully on Gold.  The tactic is to stick to your team and melee everything, especially stuff that gets close to them. Use carnage on groups of weaker enemies, Geth Plasma shotty on shielded ones and finish them off with melee.

Didn’t go for full survivability (durability, martial artist, fitness expert), cause 15% boost to health isn’t as much as 30% boost to nonrage melee and 30% to rage.

Noob rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2.5. If got enough credits to unlock enough spectre packs to get Krogan Soldier, I don’t think you’re much of a noob anymore. But anyway, it would be like 2-3, cause all you need is half a braincell to realize that you shouldn’t charge off alone. This krogan has quite a bit of HP/shields to stay alive.

-edits by Lucien Midnight


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