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Of Fire And Lightning – by nicodeemus327

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Build Title:
Of Fire and Lightning – by nicodeemus327

Power Evolutions:
Combat Drone: (1), (2), (3)
Overload: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Shield Damage (6)
Incinerate: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Armor Damage (6)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)

Go with any weapon that gives you a 200% cooldown bonus. This build isn’t very weapon dependent as you’ll be spamming overload and incinerate a lot. I went with an M-8 Avenger X.

Your top priority should be stripping enemies of their shields/barriers. Second should be planting your combat drone as a distraction. Last should be burning everything in sight. You’ll use incinerate to burn through armor and stun weaker enemies when appropriate.

Also, incinerate curves around corners. A brute / banshee won’t be able to attack you if you lead them the right direction while burning them down.

Gold Note:
You may choose to swap some points from Fitness to Alliance Training or Combat Drone to fit your style. I really like having a high fitness for silver and gold runs.

Noob level: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1. It’s a pretty easy build to play. Rip off shields. Burn down armor. Plant a combat drone once in a while. The extra fitness makes it more forgiving and basic weapons work just fine. For those who care your score will be pretty high as well. Ripping off shields contributes a lot and your squad members will love you for it.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Turian Immobilizer – by elecbender

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Build Title:

Turian Immobilizer by elecbender

Power Evolutions:

Tech Armor: N/A
Warp: Damage (4), Expose (5), Pierce (6)
Overload: Chain Overload (4), Neural Shock (5), Chain Overload (6)
Turian Veteran: Damage and Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Assault Rifles (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5)


A high level Falcon is recommended for reduced cooldown but not required as you can use a power recharge bonus equipment.


The Falcon’s grenades stuns most enemies and this combined with Overload’s neural shock evolution basically makes most enemies not able to even shoot back. It also has the benefit of reducing the amount of grenades needed to kill an enemy such as Centurions, Phantoms, or Geth Rocket Troopers. Warp is there for a single target but most enemies may dodge the first Warp. If you see enemies, use Overload and just spam the Falcon. When the cooldown resets or you need to reload, use Overload again.

N00b rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2. This build is extremely friendly but works best with the Falcon which is a rare unlock.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Popular Turian Sentinel

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Build Title:

Popular Turian Sentinel

Power Evolutions: 

Tech Armor: Durability (4), Power Damage (5), Durability (6)
Warp: N/A
Overload: Chain Overload (4), Recharge Speed (5), Chain Overload (6)
Turian Veteran: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Damage & Stability (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)


Vindicator is the normal weapon for this build.


A decent rank Vindicator gives you the 200% recharge speed, and you more or less wander the map headshotting mobs and throwing out overload to stun a fair sized portion of the wave. The bonus damage reduction and shield size makes it pretty easy for you to get away from mobs and get to people that need to be rez’ed. Warp would be nice, but the people that are going to use the biotic explosions (Vanguards and Adepts) are going to have higher ranks of warp/stasis than you. Well, assuming you don’t gimp your survivability.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2. You can take a lot of hits before something kills you, and the stun on overload lets you escape pretty easily.

- Thanks to Varthun for the write up!

-Edited by Lucien Midnight


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