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I Have to Win. – by Jeff

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Build Title:

I Have to Win. – by Jeff


The Alliance Soldier is not powerful like the krogan, not graceful like the asari, not cunning like the salarians, not stealthy like the drell, not technologically savvy like the quarians, and not as disciplined as the turians. But the humans that enlist in the Alliance Navy know that they have to get the job done. Considering what they have had to face since the start of the Mass Effect series, he/she needs to be ready to face anything. Humanity is still considered young and fledgling amongst the other species in the galactic community. And acting like they do, many have their eyes on them. That is why each soldier needs to push him/herself on the battlefield. Every shot, every manuever, every thought is looked at under a microscope. That soldier has to win at the end of the day. With humanity under a microscope, every action counts. With all the different threats humanity faces as it struggles to find its place on the galactic stage, they need to be ready for anything. They have to win.

Power Evolutions:
Adrenaline Rush: Damage (4), Power Duration (5), Shield Boost (6)
-This way, you can hit hard when you’re ready and you won’t get ripped apart right away if you step out of cover. Simple, yet effective. The Soldier isn’t meant to be fantastic with fancy tech/biotic powers. He’s paid to shoot and kill the enemy. I find myself not relying on it that much, and more so on Concussive Shot. But it’s great when you require concentrated fire.
Concussive Shot: Level 3
-You only need to knock the enemy on his ass (or be a cheapskate with your ammo). Even if you stagger the enemy, it keeps him in place for you to pulverize him with your shotgun or your assault rifle depending on how close you are. Every second counts. Outside of Frag Grenade, this is your primary power that you’ll be using.
Frag Grenade: Damage (4), Max Grenades (5), Armor Piercing (6)
-I find the Frag Grenade to be the staple of my attack. Drawing the enemy into a chokepoint and throwing a grenade can cripple if not kill several mooks at once even without the radius bonus. Once you learn how to throw the frag grenade, you will be a threat in many forms. The Armor-Piercing ability will help against Ravagers, Brutes, and anything else that lost its shields/barriers.
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
-This is all about what the Soldier does best, gunning down the enemy and nothing more. Even with basic weapons, you can do quite the amount of damage. If you’re feeling lucky and skillful, swap the shotgun with a sniper rifle and really take advantage of the headshot bonus. Otherwise, use mods that boost your accuracy and aiming abilities and the Avenger will do the job.
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5)
-The Melee bonus you get at Level 3 will be all you need. You’ll be meleeing mooks and crippled lieutenants. Anything else at close range gets shotgun treatment before or after your heavy melee attack. This is tantamount to the Soldier’s need to win, not to look fantastic. Who cares if you’re ‘boring’. No soldier complains about boredom on the battlefield. He/she is happy to be able to walk off the battlefield at the end of the day.

Primary: M-8 Avenger: Your bread and butter. Easy to use, surprisingly effective with power and accuracy. If you get a Phaeston, use that instead with scope and damage output.
Secondary: M-27 Scimitar: Not extremely powerful, but effective for the frantic one with an enemy in his face. If you miss, you can quickly fire again and hope you hit your mark.

While effective at long range, you will do best at medium range even with the shotgun. If using the assault rifle, take advantage of choke points. With the scope, you can easily line up several shots and unload. If the enemy gets close, switch to the Scimitar. If the enemy is too close, use the Heavy Melee. If the enemy survives, blast him with the Scimitar. If the enemy is bunched up, Frag them.
The Soldier will run into problems though against advanced enemies such as Phantoms and Brutes. While not weak to them, the Soldier will have trouble combatting them. Ally with someone who will compensate for your offensive weaknesses as the build tries to be strong but inches closer to defense rather than offense. You will want an Adept or Engineer in your team to supplement your weaknesses. In return, you protect them with your undying resilience.
You can opt the sniper rifle in over the shotgun, but you’ll be fighting from further away as your close quarter encounters will be hazardous (Husks, Phantoms, Geth Hunters). If you do come across a Phantom/Hunter, use your Concussive shot, then frantically fire the Scimitar and pray it kills them.

There’s a war out there. A big one. The war of all wars. And you HAVE to win.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1.5. I’m going to say the newb (I have faith in newbies) rating is a 1.5. Very easy build to use for the person just getting started in ME3′s Multiplayer.


-edits by Lucien Midnight

Invisi-Sniper – by Cookiegobbler

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Build Title: 
Invisi-Sniper – by Cookiegobbler
Power Evolutions:
Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Sniper Damage (6)
Cryo Blast: (1), (2), (3)
Sticky Grenade: Radius (4), Armor Piercing (5)
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)

Any one-hit-kill weapon. Preferably of the highest level to minimize cooldowns combined with the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel for extra damage.

M-92 Mantis
Your starter weapon. Any level will do since it already has a low weight value. I would recommend putting the Piercing Module on it till you get one of the better weapons so you can deal with enemies in cover and Cerberus Guardians.
M-98 Widow X
I recommend not using it till it is upgraded to level “X”. The reason for that will be explained in the strategy section below. Since this gun can pierce through cover and Cerberus Guardians, I would suggest using an Enhanced Scope for when you need to deal with fog while fighting Cerberus.
Black Widow X (Extremely rare!)
The Black Widow only improves upon the M-98 Widow. Although it has a lower damage rate (which is compensated by the Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel), it does have 3 bullets per clip. It is likely you can get all 3 shots off before the cloak “buff” wear off.
Javelin X (Extremely rare!)
I use this gun personally cause it’s just superior to all the other in terms of usefulness. It’s not the most damaging, but it does have the most perks. Not only can the Javelin pierce through cover, it also has a build in Enhanced Scope. Meaning that with this gun you can (theoretically) have ALL the modules on one Sniper Rifle.
The strategy is based around being a durable and devastating sniper and is build utilizing Cloak to maximize your damage done. You will want to do the most amount of damage possible in a single shot while being cloaked ~50% of the match, that’s why it’s wise to use the weapon that’s the most upgraded. 
Being a sniper also means you’ll want to keep your distance, but don’t worry you have a nifty CC ability in hand just in case. Use your Cryo Blast when an enemy tries to get close. Rank 3 should suffice.
When the enemy is grouped up, use your Sticky Grenade. The Sticky Grenade is the most accurate of all the nades since you can throw it against a wall near you enemy and it’ll stick (obviously), so even if you miss you can still hit (instead of bouncing of the wall and landing 700 miles away from him -_-).
N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 being the easiest.)
Newcomers: 3
The sniper’s learning curve takes time to get used to, especially if you’re a newcomer to shooters. Best thing to do is to disable Enhanced Pointer Precision in the Windows Mouse Configurations menu, disable in-game Mouse Dampening and disable in-game Mouse Smoothing(*). Play around with the in-game Mouse Sensitivity until you’re satisfied. Your sensitivity should be low enough to be able to “track” your opponent while also be high enough for you to be able to turn 180° quickly. Mine for example is set to 15.
Experienced Player: 2
Knowing when to use and how to combine your abilities is crucial!
For example; If your cloaked and you throw a Sticky Grenade, it’ll do more damage.
Javelin Users: 3-4
3. If you’re an experienced player. The reason for this being is that the Javelin “builds up” it’s shot. Meaning when you press the mouse button you need to keep it pressed for ~0.5 seconds before the gun actually fires, this can cause enemies to jump away/turn around cover/suddenly change direction resulting in you missing the shot.
4. If you’re a newcomer. Since this gun “Builds up” it’s shots it has a steeper learning curve then the other Sniper Rifles. It’s crucial that you know how to “track” your enemy till the gun actually fires.
Infiltrator, Female Human C10 A16 A16 3:A16 C1 
(this makes for an awesome looking Digital Camouflage look)
(*) IMPORTANT! (for the tentative reader)
Enhanced Pointer Precision is a build-in windows feature that makes the mouse pointer react to the speed of the mouse. Meaning a slight, quick jab with your hand will result in the mouse pointer being from one end of the screen to the other. Now in Windows or an RTS game that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. In a shooter however it can screw with your sensitivity. In a shooter, you want consistent aiming!
Mouse Dampening is a feature in Mass Effect 3 that’s basically the opposite of Enhanced Pointer Precision. What it does is lower your sensitivity the slower you move your mouse, the slower your camera movement will be. Meaning if you’re trying to track your enemy he can actually move faster than you move your reticule. This feature can seriously screw with your aiming. In a shooter, you want consistent aiming!
Mouse Smoothing is a feature that is present in most games that makes the mouse sensitivity react to your computer’s performance. What it does is it actively adjusts your in-game mouse sensitivity on the fly based on your current FPS (Frames Per Second) rating. Meaning the lower your Framerate, the higher the sensitivity and because framerates change constantly that also means your sensitivity will change constantly. This is a very, very bad feature to have on if you’re looking to improve your aiming skills. However the only way to disable this in Mass Effect 3 is to use the Coalesced.Bin editing tool and change its value from “True” to “False”.

My Ex-Girlfriend – by P4NCH0theD0G

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Build Title:

My Ex-Girlfriend – by P4NCH0theD0G

Power Evolutions:

Singularity: Duration (4), Recharge Speed (5)
Warp: Detonate (4), Lasting Damage (5), Recharge Speed (6)
Shockwave: Radius (4), Reach (5), Lifting (6)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity. (4)
Fitness: Melee Damage (4), Shield Recharge (5)

Locust with Heavy Barrel and Clip Extension; Recharge Speed: +194%

Role: Support, Crowd Control, Biotic Boom, Let ‘em Fly.

  • On unshielded enemies (especially crowds): short to medium distance: Singularity + Shockwave: Biotic Boom; + any non-dead enemies will hang helpless in the air for a second or two.
  • On unshielded enemies (especially crowds): long distance: Singularity + Warp: Biotic Boom.
  • On shielded/armored enemies: Warp + Shockwave: Biotic Boom; with weapon fire in between.
  • Going Solo on shielded/armored enemies (Nemesis, Centurion, Marauder):Warp+Heavy Melee+Shockwave: Biotic Boom
  • On Big Enemies (Atlas, Brute, Banshee, Prime, Ravager): Warp+Weapon Fire+Shockwave: Biotic Boom and Stagger from Shockwave
  • To Show Off: Unshielded Enemy: Shockwave+Heavy Melee: Shockwave leaves them hanging in the air, Melee knocks them out of the ballpark (or just kills them with a Melee Upgrade) – but you need to look/aim at them before melee-ing.

The Radius and Reach upgrades for Shockwave make it easier to hit even distant warped or floating targets, the Lasting Damage on Warp gives you more DPS and more time to trigger Biotic Boom. The Locust is basically an assault rifle, just smaller with less weight and does a decent job against everything, preferably at a distance.


  • Singularity+Shockwave for Crowd Control
  • Shockwave to Stagger the Big Enemies
  • Shockwave to give a second for revives or stop stompers
  • Shockwave to open up guardians
  • Singularity BEHIND a guardian for easy kills
  • Biotic Booms to take down shields, Big Enemies and for the AoE effect
  • Warp against Barriers and Armor
  • Setup or detonate Combos for Teammates

Generally engage from medium to long distance, make smart use of Biotic Booms (that’s why the Recharge Speed Upgrades) and support your team. Close Quarters is possible, but not advisable against more than two enemies.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1. You have a power for almost any situation and can spam in a pinch!

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Human Sentinel Hybrid – by woah_geez

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Build Title:

Human Sentinel Hybrid – by woah_geez

Power Evolutions:

Tech Armor: damage and radius (4)
Warp: detonate (4), expose (5), recharge speed (6)
Throw: force (4), detonate (5), damage (6)
Alliance Training: weight reduction (4),power damage (5), weight reduction (6)
Fitness: durability(4)

Carnifex is what I prefer but I think using a lighter pistol or an smg would work.

With the boost to tech armor on [3/13/2012 multiplayer balance update] this build is a little better but your casting time is going to be bad and you are going to be squishier than the caster build. However the tech armor ability lets you deal with some of your weaknesses better like phantoms or geth hunters.

When leveling these up prioritize throw and warp but don’t start running silver until you have some points in fitness.

Noob Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

3. This build relies Heavily upon biotic explosions like the caster build so doing huge damage is a given. However just like the other class carnifex is the best weapon and to make use of your tech armor you will need to be close to your enemies which is dangerous.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Human Sentinel Caster (The Poor Man’s Asari Adept)

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Build Title:

Human Sentinel Caster (The Poor Man’s Asari Adept)

Power Evolutions:

Tech Armor: N/A* (*need to acquire a respec card to achieve this)
Warp: detonate (4), expose(5), recharge speed(6)
Throw: force (4), detonate(5), damage(6)
Alliance Training: weight reduction(4), power damage(5), weight reduction(6)
Fitness: durability(4), shields(5), durability(6)

Carnifex, I dont recomend using anything else.

Playstyle? Spam throw!  I’ll just note a few important things: Phantoms will own you but reapers are pretty easy with this build. While you don’t have stasis, you will be more durable than an asari adept and also have stronger biotic explosions.

Noob Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

3. The focus of the build is the powers which generally require less aim which allows you to do huge damage very easily with the explosions. However, if you want to take full advantage of this class you will need to hit your explosions around corners and over cover. The carnifex also requires head shots to be a good weapon.

-write up by woah_geez

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Invisible Cryo – by Draelexia

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Build Title:

Invisible Cryo – by Draelexia
Power Evolutions:
Cryo Blast: Radius (4), Cryo Explosion (5), Frozen Vulnerability (6)
Tactical Cloak: Duration (4), Recharge (5), Bonus Power (6)
Sticky Grenade: N/A
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)


My weapon of choice is the mattock. I prefer this weapon because if you can tap fast you can shoot fast and it has awesome stability so almost every shot can be a headshot. Even at long range it still is almost dead on.


Your main objective is to cloak and use Cryo Blast. With the skills you took in the tactical cloak tree, you can use one power and remain cloaked. Your cryo blast is spec’d to be useful against enemies with armor and health. It will freeze health enemies, so you can break them, and it will sometimes slow armored enemies, but it will always weaken them so they will take more damage.

Banshees – When it comes to these enemies, i suggest staying back and letting the big guys take the brunt of the damage as you spam Cryo blast and DPS her head as fast as possible. If she teleports to you and there are other teammates around, be sure to cloak and run. You want to make sure that their is always a ncie distance between you and a banshee.

Brute – Basically the same approach as the banshee because brutes are fast and hit hard. Cryo blast and aim for the head. If you are not in a good position to hit their head just hit their flesh. Make sure not to be to0 close as they will damage you when they die.

Atlas – These enemies are generally easy to take down. Find good cover, Pop up throw Cryo blast and Shoot with Mattock. No real skill involved with them because they move slow and are easy to dodge.

Phantom – These are pests. Always look for them cloaked if you spot them break their barrier and then hit them with Cryo blast. If you have a someone with overload or energy drain on your team they are 10x easier. Remember to keep your distance and keep hitting them with Cryo Blast.

Geth Prime – Try to stay at a ncie distance from this big guys. They have a big head so you can get easy headshots on them. Break their shield, hit them with cryo blast, and unload with mattock on their face. Try to watch for the rockets as they will hurt. I try to always be on the look out for the sentries also, because you cna drop them in a couple of shots.

Geth Pyro – Ugh. When it comes to fighting them stay very far away and basically snipe them with the mattock. Hit them with cryo blast so you can damage them more and hope they die before they burns you to ashes.

Bronze Note:

On bronze this build can stand alone pretty well. When it comes to armored enemies hit them with Cryo blast. Cryo blast will make them weaker to damage. Cryo blast is an amazing ability if you have someone with energy drain or overload on your team. They can remove shields/barriers and you can freeze/slow nearly everything without armor. With a good team on your side you will rip through bronze enemies.

Silver Note:

When it comes to silver you have to be a bit more cautious and take cover when it is necessary. Avoid being shot and think quicker on your feet. Cloak is very useful when saving your life or anyone elses. You can easily cloak run into a mob and rescue a fallen teammate. Most of your “kills” will be assists. remember you have a very powerful skill at your hands that will help you and your teammates survive to a full extraction.

Gold Note:

Gold is a different story… all I can suggest is don’t get shot and cloak often. You will be able to hit enemies with cryo even when cloaked because you have the bonus from Cryo Blast level 6 so stealth will be the key to your survival.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

3. Because you are not generally a top player but you contribute to the team a lot.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Demo-Dude the Phantom Hunter – by mysticforce42

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Build Title:

Demo-Dude the Phantom Hunter – by mysticforce42

Power Evolution:
Adrenalin Rush: Damage (4), Duration (5),  Shield Boost (6)
Concussive Shot: N/A
Frag Grenade: Damage (4), + Grenades (5), Armor Piercing (6)
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Power Damage (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Fitness Expert (6)


M-37 Falcon

See target(s), fire at target(s) at 0.5 seconds per shot unless you are hosting, at which point just mash the button.  Count as you fire.  When you reach 6, hit Adrenaline Rush, then continue to fire until you reload.  Then keep firing >.>

The grenades from the Falcon staggers every hit and has a decent area of effect, which means you can destroy a group of 3-4 phantoms on Gold if you manage to land at least 9 hits on each of them, and during all that time (about 12 seconds) the only thing they can do is stagger in place awaiting their doom.

This also works against any group of enemies that do not contain superheavies – you can stagger them until they die.  When in doubt, toss a Frag Grenade for another 1200 damage AoE – 1800 vs armor.

You can bounce grenades around corners.  You can aim high and airburst.  You can bounce a nade off a wall to hit Guardians in the back/sides.  You can stagger Banshees with every 2-3 shots.

The only downside to this build is the Falcon does not do great damage vs armor – that is where the armor-piercing frags come in.  Between your frags and your Falcon, you can murder entire room full of enemies (or severely damage 2-3 superheavies) within 12 seconds.

May the Reapers help anyone who stands in your way – just make sure to make frequent stops at ammo boxes to resupply.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2. Mostly because you get bigger bang for your buck if you can aim in such a way that each shot from the Falcon damages multiple enemies, otherwise you are going to be out of ammo really fast.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Of Fire And Lightning – by nicodeemus327

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Build Title:
Of Fire and Lightning – by nicodeemus327

Power Evolutions:
Combat Drone: (1), (2), (3)
Overload: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Shield Damage (6)
Incinerate: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Armor Damage (6)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)

Go with any weapon that gives you a 200% cooldown bonus. This build isn’t very weapon dependent as you’ll be spamming overload and incinerate a lot. I went with an M-8 Avenger X.

Your top priority should be stripping enemies of their shields/barriers. Second should be planting your combat drone as a distraction. Last should be burning everything in sight. You’ll use incinerate to burn through armor and stun weaker enemies when appropriate.

Also, incinerate curves around corners. A brute / banshee won’t be able to attack you if you lead them the right direction while burning them down.

Gold Note:
You may choose to swap some points from Fitness to Alliance Training or Combat Drone to fit your style. I really like having a high fitness for silver and gold runs.

Noob level: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1. It’s a pretty easy build to play. Rip off shields. Burn down armor. Plant a combat drone once in a while. The extra fitness makes it more forgiving and basic weapons work just fine. For those who care your score will be pretty high as well. Ripping off shields contributes a lot and your squad members will love you for it.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Invisible Commando – by Giwigiwigiwigiwi

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Build Title: 
Invisible Commando – by Giwigiwigiwigiwi

Power Evolutions:
Tactical Cloak: Damage (4), Recharge Speed (5), Bonus Power (6)
Cryo Blast: Radius (4), Cryo Explosion (5), Frozen Vulnerability (6)
Sticky Grenade: N/A
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Weight (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Durability (6)

M-23 Katana/M-27 Scimitar. Why not claymore, like the cloaky claymore mentioned above? 1st, weight; 2nd, claymore has only one shot, if you lost it in a close combat (in case of a serious lag) it’ll be too dangerous for you to reload.

This invisible commando is similar to the cloaky claymore mentioned above, but more flexible. Tactics? Cloak, go find an enemy and use Cryo Blast, and afterwards with a instant shot into the heads, find some cover, wait for another round. If you killed an enemy and cause a cryo explosion, keep your rampage, either with shotgun or melee. There’s one thing I would like to mention, that cloak is not only a way getting close to your enemy, but also a way to easily achieve the “grab”. As you know, gold grab achievement only requires 5 grabs (silver 3 and bronze 1).
This build is for those who love close combat and hate camping somewhere with a sniper, scoping shooting and reloading. Also it explains how a infiltrator infiltrates. But of course you’re often surrounded by a bunch of enemies, so it is a little bit dangerous for players who’re not familiar with enemies and maps. Anyway, there is always some enemy difficult to handle, like Banshee, Phantom, Atlas, etc. This class lacks effective ways against armor, so you will need the help of armor-piercing ammo in certain situations.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for anyone!)
4. This class can hardly get a team No.1 score, and requires a good understanding of cooldown, of maps and enemies. Once you get used to sniping this class will dominate. Blast the fragile world into pieces, do some damage!

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Safety Dance – by uchimura

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Build Title:
Safety Dance – by uchimura

Power Evolutions:
Biotic Charge: Radius(4), Power Synergy(5), Barrier(6)
Shockwave: N/A
Nova: Force & Damage (4), Half Blast (5), Pierce (6)
Alliance Training: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5), Fitness Expert (6)

Anything that can keep your cooldowns at 180+ bonus is good, 200 is great. The Predator or Katana standard weapons work fine.

This build offers the most defense while maintaining a strong offense. It allows you to use nova twice in a row, but the main idea is that after the first nova, you’ll still have barriers left to keep from getting killed instantly in dire situations. You don’t necessarily need a weapon, as you’ll be hitting 1 and 3 almost nonstop, but in case a charge or nova doesn’t kill something, you can finish it off quickly with something like a Predator or Katana. It’s also good to have a weapon just for situations where going in might get you stomped. Approach banshees with caution, use nova while moving away from them, save your charge for regaining your barrier. Atlas and Brutes are moderately safe–roll backward after charging them to keep a safe distance. You can destroy Phantoms, but be aware of what they’re doing in case you don’t stagger them.

Skill Breakdown:
Biotic Charge
-Barrier- Increases your survivability and your ability to cast nova
-Radius- I took this for the sake of lessening risk by twitching more enemies
-Power Synergy- Buffs damage of your nova and biotic charge
-Half Blast- The most important for Nova, increases your survivability and damage output (by not being dead)
-Force & Damage- Chose this over Radius, because Nova’s radius is actually quite large already
-Pierce- Increases damage potential on armor/barrier/etc. Makes Nova a good
opener on strong and shielded opponents. If I’m nearby, I’ll Nova, then Charge something a foot away and
then Nova again.
Alliance Training
-Weapon Damage- Over Weapon Weight, because you really don’t need anything much stronger than standard weapons, but this is ultimately up to you.
-Why no shockwave? In order to get good reach on Shockwave, you need to sacrifice damage points. It’s better instead to just get used to maneuvering with nova.

Gold Tip - by banthracis: Basically for gold, you don’t really want to completely blow up your barriers with 2 nova’s in a row, instead, start the animation for the second nova and then roll right when you’re at the apex of the jump. This prevents the ability from activating and allows you to keep half your barriers while still giving you the full invincibility frames. This plus right spec and 180% + cd and you can just charge+ nova+nova cancel all day nonstop.

This does tend to upset your teammates though…
N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for anyone!)
1. This build is easily approachable, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for finesse.

-edits by Lucien Midnight


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