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Decoy Tank – by Systmfalur

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Build Title:

Decoy Tank – by Systmfalur

Power Evolutions:

Energy Drain: Radius (4), Drain (5), Damage (6)
Decoy: Durability (4), Shock (5), Exploding Decoy(6)
Incinerate: Damage (4), Burning Damage (5)
Salarian Operative: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Weapon Damage (6)
Fitness: (1), (2), (3)


Heavy pistol with Scope and Damage Mod.
Carnifex > Paladin > Phalanx > Predator
*Scorpion is an excellent choice and would be ranked the same as a Carnifex.. but it’s a black unlock.

Low weight shotgun with Accuracy and Damage Mod.
Disciple > Katana > Scimitar > Eviscerator > Wraith

*Optional slot

SMG with SMG Ultralight Mod and Damage
Locust > Hornet > Tempest > Shuriken


The idea is to take this build into gold Geth farming runs. You use decoy on main chokepoints to funnel geth. Any geth that gets too close to decoy will start to get spam shocked by decoy. You will have to maintain a close proximity of decoy preferaby around a corner and out of LoS (Line of Sight) and spam decoy every 10 – 15s to refresh it and keep it up. while sneak peeking around corners and spamming energy drain for the AoE (Area Of Effect, a.k.a. splash) damage. Incinerate the tougher armored mobs. Decoy for some reason allows most damage to pass through it and will survive much longer than expected even though it has shielding. Direct rocket hits will impact it and can kill it. It also appears to be melee and flame thrower resistant. The energy drain and spam shocking decoy can keep most enemies in a constant state of semi-stuns which is incredible so your teammates can back you up and kill the enemies quickly.

Noob rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

4.5 This is not for the faint of heart. If matched with a good Quarian Infiltrator and team can make Gold seem like an easy farm. However, on quick matches with everyone doing their own thing like John Rambo it can be frustrating due to the lack of coordination.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Salarian Engie – by gadna13

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Build Title:
Salarian Engie – by gadna13

Power Evolutions:
Energy Drain: Damage (4), Drain (5), Armor Boost (6)
Decoy: (1), (2), (3)
Incinerate: Damage (4), Burning Damage (5), Armor Damage (6)
Salarian Operative: Damage & Capacity (4), Headshots (5), Sniper Rifles (6)
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5)
I’d recommend a faster firing sniper rifle here although any will do. A powerful hand-cannon also gets the job done (Carnifex or Paladin) though change Sniper Rifles in Salarian Op for Weapon Damage if you’re not doing the sniper rifles. Only take one weapon though as you’re gonna be power spamming and using the weapon for cleanup.

This class is great support as you have the ability to take out any form of defense. You’re main priority should be taking out shielded targets with Energy Drain as that increases your shields and gives you some damage reduction.  Incinerate is maxed for damage as most of the heavies (and those pesky pyros) are armor based.  A hefty amount of Decoy usage to move yourself around the map along with providing a distraction is a must on high levels. Dropping a decoy while you and your team retreat can save your behinds quite a bit. This class is deadly in the right hands and should net anyone with quite a few assists per match.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for anyone!)
4. You’re a good team player using this, however, you won’t score high on the boards. Also, some good aim is needed to take down targets quickly.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Double Vision – by TheStratovarian

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Build Title:

Double Vision by TheStratovarian

Power Evolutions:

Energy Drain: Damage (4), Drain (5), Armor Boost (6)
Decoy: Durability (4), Shock (5), Shields & Duration (6)
Incinerate: Radius (4), Burning Damage (5), Armor Damage (6)
Salarian Operator: Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Sniper Rifles (6)
Fitness: N/A


I recommend the M-13 Raptor, a high level Viper, or another burst fire/Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle.


Energy drain is how you stay alive despite 0 ranks in fitness, the 40% boost to resistance in damage means you can survive briefly if someone fires on you, the damage isnt super, but its a guarenteed 100% shields back if your in cover, and in 95% of the time you want to be.

Decoy, is built to handle anything thrown at it from any difficulty, your looking at the best possible health for it, and longest time for its cost, it will be nearly thirty seconds of time, with only a 2.5-2.75 second cooldown. That adds up time for powers like energy drain and incinerate. It is a hard power to master well, but used well, this can net you a complete and utter shutdown of one avenue of attack. Letting your team focus where it matters as you hold the fort against banshee’s, primes, and phantoms and atlas’s. Shock is there to stop swarmers, and make sure that you catch geth hunters that you might have missed, or ensure a husk isn’t trying to grab you, which can easily lead to death when you couple them with swarmers.

Incinerate: This is both your anti-cerebus power, and your anti-reaper bread and butter. It helps burn down the geth pyro’s, since this power has a travel time, always try to shoot at your target with your weapon as it travel, so often you can land both a tech burst, and then leave them to die of the extra burn damage.

Salarian Operator: This is to prioritize the semi-auto/burst fire snipers, so you have a mattock-like rifle, that is capable at any range, it wont be as strong as the infiltrator, but because you can afford to body shot with it, or headshot as needed. It opens options for you, but you need a high level semi-auto to do this. The viper can do in a pinch, but it does leave you much more vulnerable early on to melee.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

4.5. This build is very high risk, you are very fragile, and because you are using just one weapon, a semi-auto sniper at usually close to medium range (Map depending), scoped and not, that you need both high awareness, and very good dodge skills to hit the fastest cover possible when anything so much as starts firing at you. If someone gets into melee range with you, you have few options, and are very likely to be tasting concrete. Lacking fitness, is painfull for a while, and takes alot of getting used to. Decoy’s range is short, so if your not carefull, you can be easily shot if your decoy drops unexpectly, or you are moving up when you start taking fire.

-edits by Lucien Midnight


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