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Posted in BUILD SUBMISSION FORM on March 14, 2012 by Lucien Midnight

Most of the builds posted on this website come from users on BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Forums. However, i’d like to extend the invitation for build submissions to any and all visitors to the site. In order to have your build published here, please fill out the form below:

Build Title:

Power Evolutions:

power (4), power (5), power (6) (please include every power evolution, use N/A if no points allocated. also, specify every rank from 4 to 6 please!)

(suggested weapons to use with build, feel free to suggest alternative loadouts)

(build specific strategy, no need to go over the basics)

N00b Rating: (scale is 1-5, 1 means the build is easy for anyone to use. 5 is a drell vanguard melee build… hehe)

widow, offense, aggressive, stealth, melee, carnifex, overload (please include relevant tags for the playstyle, featured powers, featured weapons, etc.)

Color Scheme: (totally optional, but awesome if you want to include it!)

Please use this color coding system created by Vigilant_Pep:

Describing a color scheme follows the listing of options:  PrimaryColor, HighlightColor, SecondaryColor, Pattern:PatternColor, Lights, SkinTone.

Pattern is described as a value between 0 and 3, with 0 being no pattern.

Color table for me3 multiplayer builds catalog. A1 is upper left hand corner, C18 is bottom right.

me3 multiplayer color key

Here are two sample color schemes:
Sentinel, Human Male    A10 B4 B12 1:B4 C1
Engineer, Salarian            A9 B11 A12 1:B4 C1

(skin tone not included in examples)
Fill out this form and email it to me at Thanks in advance for your submission! I’m posting builds just as fast as I can.

-Lucien Midnight


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