Important Site Update!

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Hey everyone, due to your continued support of the site I’ve decided to purchase the domain name and switch the site over to a third-party hosting service. This will allow me to transfer over all the content, and then fully customize and add to the site. I’ll be able to bring much more advanced features to the table and hopefully begin advertising so that I can sustain the site for ever!

The website may be down for a bit during this time of transition and I thank you all for your patience. We’re getting thousands and thousands of unique visitors each day, which is really exciting. I will be working hard to foster the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer community here at this site as much as possible.

Catch you on the flip side…

-Lucien Midnight

Welcome to ME3 MULTIPLAYER BUILD CATALOG! #1 Spot for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Builds and Strategy.

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This website will soon become a large catalog of character builds for Mass Effect 3′s Co-Op Multiplayer game mode. The webpage is currently under construction.

If you feel you have awesome character builds, ME3 related images, website creation skillz, or general suggestions for the webpage, please do not hesitate to contact me at


-Lucien Midnight

03/22/12 UPDATE: Hope all of you are enjoying the N7 weapons you received from Operation Goliath. I was fortunate enough to get the Valiant sniper rifle and I must say it is definitely my new favorite weapon. Check out our poll and pick which N7 weapon you think is the best! The poll includes the N7 weapons already in the game by default.

Also, don’t forget to take a peek at the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer balance changes BioWare has recently implemented in our balance changes section.

Build Submission Form

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Most of the builds posted on this website come from users on BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Forums. However, i’d like to extend the invitation for build submissions to any and all visitors to the site. In order to have your build published here, please fill out the form below:

Build Title:

Power Evolutions:

power (4), power (5), power (6) (please include every power evolution, use N/A if no points allocated. also, specify every rank from 4 to 6 please!)

(suggested weapons to use with build, feel free to suggest alternative loadouts)

(build specific strategy, no need to go over the basics)

N00b Rating: (scale is 1-5, 1 means the build is easy for anyone to use. 5 is a drell vanguard melee build… hehe)

widow, offense, aggressive, stealth, melee, carnifex, overload (please include relevant tags for the playstyle, featured powers, featured weapons, etc.)

Color Scheme: (totally optional, but awesome if you want to include it!)

Please use this color coding system created by Vigilant_Pep:

Describing a color scheme follows the listing of options:  PrimaryColor, HighlightColor, SecondaryColor, Pattern:PatternColor, Lights, SkinTone.

Pattern is described as a value between 0 and 3, with 0 being no pattern.

Color table for me3 multiplayer builds catalog. A1 is upper left hand corner, C18 is bottom right.

me3 multiplayer color key

Here are two sample color schemes:
Sentinel, Human Male    A10 B4 B12 1:B4 C1
Engineer, Salarian            A9 B11 A12 1:B4 C1

(skin tone not included in examples)
Fill out this form and email it to me at Thanks in advance for your submission! I’m posting builds just as fast as I can.

-Lucien Midnight

Multiplayer Balance Changes

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This is a list of BioWare’s official multiplayer balance changes to multiplayer. The original post can be found on BioWare’s forums here. As BioWare posts updates to the forum, I will sticky them here for your easy reference. If builds are severely affected by balance changes, please comment on the specific build and I will update them as needed. Thanks!

-Lucien Midnight

ME3 Multiplayer Balance Changes:


March 20, 2012

Phaeston Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [29.7-37.2] to [34.7-42.2]

Revenant Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [52.9-66.2] to [57.9-71.2]

Claymore Shotgun
- Damage increased from [152.8-191.0] to [167.8-206.0]

Falcon Assault Rifle
- Increased refire time on the Falcon to 0.65 seconds
- Decreased rate of fire from 125 to 50
- Decreased max spare ammo from [24-34] to [18-28]

Sentry Turret Power
- Increased base shields from 500 to 1000
- Increased base damage from 25 to 30
- Evolve 5 Rocket upgrade damage increased from 150 to 250
- Evolve 5 Rocket upgrade radius increased from 1.5 meters to 2.0 meters

Combat Drone Power
- Evolve 5 Rocket upgrade damage increased from 150 to 250
- Evolve 5 Rocket upgrade radius increased from 1.5 meters to 2.0 meters

Ops Survival Pack Consumable
- Increased amount of bonus shields given from 1000 to 1500

- (Silver) Armor increased from 11250 to 12940
- (Silver) Shields increased from 11250 to 12940
- (Gold) Armor increased from 16875 to 21094
- (Gold) Shields increased from 16875 to 21094

March 13, 2012

Tempest SMG
- Damage increased from [35.7-44.6] to [41.1-53.5]

Locust SMG
- Damage increased from [26.2-32.8] to [30.1-39.3]

Shuriken SMG
- Damage increased from [29.3-36.6] to [33.6-42.1]

Mattock Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [83.7-104.7] to [94.2-117.8]

Vindicator Assault Rifle
- Damage decreased from [68.6-85.8] to [62.4-78.0]
- Encumbrance increased from [1.0-0.5] to [1.25-0.7]

Sabotage Power
- Damage from weapon backfire increased from 150 to 200
- Rank 4 weapon backfire damage bonus increased from 30% to 50%
- Maximum number of simultaneous hacked robots reduced from 2 to 1
- Base cooldown increased from 8 to 14 seconds
- Rank 5 cooldown bonus increased from 25% to 35%
- Base hack duration reduced from 12 to 10 seconds
- Rank 6 Berserk upgrade damage bonus reduced from 100% to 50%
- Delay before enemies can attack hacked robots increased from 2 to 8 seconds

Geth Trooper
- Weapon damage increased from 30 to 35
- (Bronze) Health increased from 750 to 825
- (Silver) Health increased from 1125 to 1238
- (Gold) Health increased from 1688 to 1856

Geth Pyro
- Damage of flamethrower increased from 50 to 65
- (Bronze) Shields increased from 750 to 1170
- (Silver) Shields increased from 1125 to 1755
- (Gold) Shields increased from 1688 to 2633
- (Silver & Gold) Evades less frequently from weapon damage
- (Silver & Gold) Evades less frequently from projectile powers

Geth Hunter
- Fixed a bug where Hunters would never re-cloak after decloaking to fire on Gold

- (Bronze) Health increased from 750 to 900
- (Bronze) Shields increased from 675 to 1013

- (Silver) Health increased from 1125 to 1350
- (Silver) Shields increased from 1013 to 1519
- (Silver) Movement speed modifier while cloaked increased from 75% to 90%

- (Gold) Health increased from 1688 to 2025
- (Gold) Shields increased from 1519 to 2278
- (Gold) Movement speed modifier while cloaked increased from 80% to 110%
- (Gold) Aim delay before firing decreased from 0.5 to 0.25 seconds

Geth Prime
- (Silver) Reduced chance to play hit reactions from 35% to 27.5%
- (Gold) Reduced chance to play hit reactions from 30% to 15%

March 6, 2012

Tech Armor Power
- Base detonation damage increased from 200 to 400
- Base cooldown decreased from 12 to 8 seconds

- Base cooldown increased from 8 to 12 seconds

Adrenaline Rush Power
- Base weapon damage bonus increased from 35% to 45%
- Rank 4 weapon damage bonus increased from 15% to 20%

Cluster Grenade Power
- Base damage increased from 450 to 500

Proximity Mine Power
- Evolve 3 “increase damage by X% to impacted targets” value changed from 25% to 20%

Energy Drain Power
- Evolve 6 now gives you a 40% damage reduction effect instead of 15%

Drell Adept
- Starting encumbrance capacity increased from 30% to 45%

Drell Vanguard
- Starting encumbrance capacity increased from 30% to 45%

Drell Fitness Power
- Base health/shield bonus increased from 10% to 20%
- Rank 2 health/shield bonus increased from 10% to 15%
- Rank 4 health/shield bonus increased from 15% to 20%
- Rank 6 health/shield bonus increased from 20% to 25%
- Rank 6 movement speed bonus increased from 5% to 10%
- Base regular melee damage increased from 150 to 225
- Base heavy melee damage increased from 500 to 600

Mattock Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [76.1-95.2] to [83.7-104.7]

Revenant Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [47.6-59.6] to [52.9-66.2]

Carnifex Heavy Pistol
- Encumbrance increased from [0.75-0.35] to [1.0-0.5]

Paladin Heavy Pistol
- Encumbrance increased from [0.75-0.35] to [1.0-0.5]

Site Closing Down

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Hey guys, Lucien Midnight here. I apologize for the radio silence, but I now have a very happy and busy life in Taiwan and will no longer be maintaining the site. It is an added cost to me and I don’t think many people are still using it! If/when another Mass Effect game comes out, you can expect to see me back in action with a brand new website. Until then, it’s been amazing. Thank you for support the site.


-Game On!

Lucien Midnight


p.s. Check out Blizzard’s Hearthstone or GrindingGearsGames’s Path of Exile. Both excellent free to play games.

Turian Blademaster – by PD ORTA

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Turian Blademaster  - by PD ORTA

Power Evolutions:
Tech Armor:(4)Durability, (5)Melee Damage, (6)Durability
Overload:(4)Chain, (5)Recharge, (6)Shield Damage
Turian Veteran:(4)Damage+Capacity, (5)Headshots, (6)Fitness Expert
Fitness:(4)Melee Damage, (5)Martial Artist, (6)Fitness Expert

Since you’ll be upclose and personal alot of the time a shotgun is probably your best choice of weapon. While this is a Melee class, use of overload is important for dropping shields/barriers for quick Melee kills, so staying reasonably light is a good thing. The Disciple or Katana are good choices for this class, you can also add a blade to strengthen your melee even more.
As a back-up and so you can fight at all distances, go with a scoped heavy pistol (with the headshot bonus enemies go down quick).

Basically you’re the tank for the team. But don’t go “Full Krogan” and charge into a group of enemies solo Melee’ing away, while you may get out in one piece… you probably won’t. With a team backing you, you’re the spearhead destroying everything with your Overload, Shotgun and Twin blades (make sure to get a melee kill in early so the bonus kicks in).

Play the way your team does if you’re on an offensive team, lead from the front and take advantage of your close range abilties. If you’re on a defensive team hang back and use your pistol and wait for the enemy to come to you. Once they’re in range break out the shotgun and melee away. If you get swarmed by enemies and need to make a run for it explode your tech armor, it may buy you the time you need to escape.

Noob Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

2.5. This class is as easy or as hard as you make. It’s all about about knowing when to fight and when to take flight.

Floatilla Guardian – by Keenblade

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Build Title: 

Floatilla Guardian – by Keenblade
Power Evolutions:
Sentry Turret: shields&damage (4), cryo ammo (5), rockets (6)
Incinerate: radius (4), recharge (5), freeze combo (6)
Cryoblast: radius (4), cryo explosion (5), recharge (6)
Quarian Defender: damage & capacity (4), power damage (5)
Fitness: (1), (2), (3)

Carnifex or Scorpion, if you don’t have those, then I recommend any SMG that gives +200% recharge speed.  Must have a pistol scope mod, or SMG scope mod for best results.  Alternative weapon choice for power sniping would be a Mantis, though you’ll want the Mantis X for the reduced weight.  Note that the Mantis will be much heavier than any pistol option, but hit far harder.

Depending on your weapon choice, you’ll do AoE damage with each shot.  Be sure to place these shots with the Scorpion carefully since it’s a relatively slow projectile and rather easily dodged, but can hit behind cover if properly placed.  Your primary use of weapon is to increase the distance at which you auto-target enemies with your powers by aiming through the scope mod.  Lob cryoblasts into large groups and follow with pyroblast for large tech bursts.  If you find your team is camping your targets, cryoblast anything that you can target, then start sniping with the carnifex after lobbing a pyroblast.  *I fondly call the missile upgrade my “stupid turret” since it fires the long-range missile at the nearest enemy, but will indicate the direction of an enemy it CAN target before they are found…  Even if that enemy is on the other side of a wall.  The cryo ammo can set up your own kills for sniping with a heavy pistol, or support your squad while you hunt on your own with cryo/pyro tech bursts.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

3. It is important to note that the more aggressively you play this, the greater your risk of death, but the greater you score is if you don’t get executed or bleed to death early in the round.  If you want to rank above 3rd, you’ll need to learn to be good without allies near you, otherwise you simply set-up all of their kills.  You may well be camped by your own team.  If this happens, switch to a more support role of freezing anything that moves and tech-bursting it for the kills you can get.  The more assists you get with this build, the lower you’ll rank in the match.  You have been warned.  :)

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Drell Grenadier – by M3ga7ron

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Build Title:
Drell Grenadier – by M3ga7ron

Power Evolutions:
Reave: Radius(4), Damage Reduction(5), Damage and Duration(6)
Pull: (1),  (2), (3)
Cluster Grenade: Force and Damage(4), Damage Combo(5), Force and Damage(6)
Drell: Assassin: Damage and Capacity(4), Power Damage(5)
Fitness: Durability(4), Shield Recharge(5), Fitness Expert(6)

*Note* You can swap the Damage Combo(5) for Cluster Grenade to Grenade Capacity(5) instead. Also you can swap Damage Reduction(5) for Reave to Recharge Speed(5) if you feel the 10% is unnecessary

Personally for me, I use the Falcon with this character because it allows me to land pull on unprotected enemies without having to worry about em dodging it. Alternatively you can use any weapon you like, but try to keep the recharge speed as close to +200% as possible.

This build excels in small maps with tight spaces such as Firebase Glacier, all it take is Reave+Cluster Grenade to take out a group of enemies. When faced with unprotected enemies such as geth trooper, hit em with Falcon first before casting Pull on them to ensure that they don’t dodge it and cast Reave to finish the job. If you face a lone enemy with shields, take down the shield with your weapon first then do the Pull+Reave combo, but if you are facing a group with 2+ shielded enemies, you have the option of Reave+Cluster Grenade instead(If you want to save grenades, take down shields and pick em off with Pull+Reave).

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)
2.5- This build requires you to actively search through ammo caches for grenades, also requiring you to land good grenade tosses. Take advantage of the fact that Falcon can stagger enemies. Ex. if you are up against geth, and there is a group of three to four pyros with one of them lagging behind, stagger the three in the front and wait for the 4th one to clump up, then Reave+Cluster Grenade to watch em all die to the biotic explosion. Other than that, this build is relatively simple to play, just play it like any other class.

ps. This build can take down Brutes with two Reave+Cluster Grenade combo on any difficulty.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Biotic Ninja – by Collin

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Build Title:

Biotic Ninja

Power Evoultions:

Charge:  Radius (4)

Pull:  Radius (4), Expose (5), Duration and Combo (6)

Cluster Grenade:  Radius (4), Max Grenades (5), Force & Damage (6)

Drell Assassin:  Damage & Capacity (4), Power Damage (5), Pistols (6)

Fitness: (1), (2), (3)


I’m of two minds here.  If you use my above build, I would say go with the Carnifex.  The capacity and pistols modifiers should keep you light.  If you want to play more conservatively (my preference) I would change out the final evolution from Pistols to Weapon Damage and rock an SMG.


There are actually two strategies with this build.  The primary function is to serve and a mobile, close range biotic assassin.  You would set up your initial attack preferably from a flank and fire off a Pull, followed up by Charge to trigger the biotic explosion.  The pull evolutions should enable you to decimate a tightly clumped group of enemies within one attack.  If there are still enemies standing, end them with a point blank cluster grenade.  Speaking of grenades, use these liberally.  You have more movement speed than any other race and you should exploit this.  Use grenades as long range novas and use them on protected enemies.  A charge + grenade can do some serious damage to a Banshee or Phantom.

The other strategy is a bit more conservative.  As I alluded to in my weapons brief, if you want to play more conservatively, instead of pistols for Drell Assassin, take damage and use an SMG.  Just as in previous games, SMGs are high rate of fire guns that are ideal for stripping shields and barriers if you lack an overload-like ability.  Once you’ve dropped their shields/barriers, follow through with your Pull > Charge > Grenade combo.  For this, I’d run with a Locust.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

5, no question.  This is a close range vanguard for optimum damage.  You have the grenades for a mid to close range nova but let’s be frank, Drell are squishy.  Learn to dodge, ESPECIALLY backwards.  Once you’ve fired off your combo DO NOT CHARGE AGAIN, backflip out of there and duck into cover.  You MUST capitalize on hit and run tactics, you can’t ‘tank’ like a human vanguard or asari.

-edits by Lucien Midnight

Color Scheme:

Be a stylish ninja, I like this color scheme:

PrimaryColor – A 16

HighlightColor – B 9

By using black (A 16) as the primary color, any highlight colors will show up much darker.  This will net you a nice dark red, perfect for the blood you will spill (hopefully more of your enemy’s!)

I Have to Win. – by Jeff

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Build Title:

I Have to Win. – by Jeff


The Alliance Soldier is not powerful like the krogan, not graceful like the asari, not cunning like the salarians, not stealthy like the drell, not technologically savvy like the quarians, and not as disciplined as the turians. But the humans that enlist in the Alliance Navy know that they have to get the job done. Considering what they have had to face since the start of the Mass Effect series, he/she needs to be ready to face anything. Humanity is still considered young and fledgling amongst the other species in the galactic community. And acting like they do, many have their eyes on them. That is why each soldier needs to push him/herself on the battlefield. Every shot, every manuever, every thought is looked at under a microscope. That soldier has to win at the end of the day. With humanity under a microscope, every action counts. With all the different threats humanity faces as it struggles to find its place on the galactic stage, they need to be ready for anything. They have to win.

Power Evolutions:
Adrenaline Rush: Damage (4), Power Duration (5), Shield Boost (6)
-This way, you can hit hard when you’re ready and you won’t get ripped apart right away if you step out of cover. Simple, yet effective. The Soldier isn’t meant to be fantastic with fancy tech/biotic powers. He’s paid to shoot and kill the enemy. I find myself not relying on it that much, and more so on Concussive Shot. But it’s great when you require concentrated fire.
Concussive Shot: Level 3
-You only need to knock the enemy on his ass (or be a cheapskate with your ammo). Even if you stagger the enemy, it keeps him in place for you to pulverize him with your shotgun or your assault rifle depending on how close you are. Every second counts. Outside of Frag Grenade, this is your primary power that you’ll be using.
Frag Grenade: Damage (4), Max Grenades (5), Armor Piercing (6)
-I find the Frag Grenade to be the staple of my attack. Drawing the enemy into a chokepoint and throwing a grenade can cripple if not kill several mooks at once even without the radius bonus. Once you learn how to throw the frag grenade, you will be a threat in many forms. The Armor-Piercing ability will help against Ravagers, Brutes, and anything else that lost its shields/barriers.
Alliance Training: Weapon Damage (4), Headshots (5), Weapon Damage (6)
-This is all about what the Soldier does best, gunning down the enemy and nothing more. Even with basic weapons, you can do quite the amount of damage. If you’re feeling lucky and skillful, swap the shotgun with a sniper rifle and really take advantage of the headshot bonus. Otherwise, use mods that boost your accuracy and aiming abilities and the Avenger will do the job.
Fitness: Durability (4), Shield Recharge (5)
-The Melee bonus you get at Level 3 will be all you need. You’ll be meleeing mooks and crippled lieutenants. Anything else at close range gets shotgun treatment before or after your heavy melee attack. This is tantamount to the Soldier’s need to win, not to look fantastic. Who cares if you’re ‘boring’. No soldier complains about boredom on the battlefield. He/she is happy to be able to walk off the battlefield at the end of the day.

Primary: M-8 Avenger: Your bread and butter. Easy to use, surprisingly effective with power and accuracy. If you get a Phaeston, use that instead with scope and damage output.
Secondary: M-27 Scimitar: Not extremely powerful, but effective for the frantic one with an enemy in his face. If you miss, you can quickly fire again and hope you hit your mark.

While effective at long range, you will do best at medium range even with the shotgun. If using the assault rifle, take advantage of choke points. With the scope, you can easily line up several shots and unload. If the enemy gets close, switch to the Scimitar. If the enemy is too close, use the Heavy Melee. If the enemy survives, blast him with the Scimitar. If the enemy is bunched up, Frag them.
The Soldier will run into problems though against advanced enemies such as Phantoms and Brutes. While not weak to them, the Soldier will have trouble combatting them. Ally with someone who will compensate for your offensive weaknesses as the build tries to be strong but inches closer to defense rather than offense. You will want an Adept or Engineer in your team to supplement your weaknesses. In return, you protect them with your undying resilience.
You can opt the sniper rifle in over the shotgun, but you’ll be fighting from further away as your close quarter encounters will be hazardous (Husks, Phantoms, Geth Hunters). If you do come across a Phantom/Hunter, use your Concussive shot, then frantically fire the Scimitar and pray it kills them.

There’s a war out there. A big one. The war of all wars. And you HAVE to win.

N00b Rating: (scale 1-5, 1 is easy for everybody!)

1.5. I’m going to say the newb (I have faith in newbies) rating is a 1.5. Very easy build to use for the person just getting started in ME3′s Multiplayer.


-edits by Lucien Midnight


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